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Toxic Razor
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Toxic Razor strange synth soundscapes that form an innovative album... Favorite track: Neon Apparitions on Orbital City 7.
Protector 101
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Protector 101 Great! Interesting! And unique! Favorite track: Night Train 198X.
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released January 21, 2014



all rights reserved


QASM Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Night Train 198X
I'm riding on a night train into the dark
Stare out the window everything is shadows ands stars
I'm riding on a night train into the dark
I'm searching for a way into your heart
Track Name: Neon Apparitions on Orbital City 7
In the night, in my heart
City lights shine so dark
Dreaming ghosts sing to me
Sad neon symphonies
In the night
Track Name: Tanz ins Nichts
You quenched the fire in her heart
And you stole the lustre from her eyes
The wolves dream of tearing you apart
Now the time has come to pay the price
Track Name: The Other Side of the Wormhole
This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I'm back

I'm a space oddity
I'm a hot commodity
No modesty required
When I'm all up in ya mama! See,
I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere
Your itinerary just can't compare
When I'm surfin on in on a solar flare
Yeah, I'm the new king of the galaxy
I've been to the other side and back
And I can now say honestly
Everything you think you know is whack
Cuz I'm the new shaman
Ayahuasca on my brain
Mystic visions so common
Y'all gonna think I've gone insane
Like a bona fide pipe dream
Deep-fried ice cream
Jack in the back with the crack
Keep ya pipe clean
I've been sight-seeing
Through the Qosmos
Ethereal mind-travel
powered by osmosis

I've been to the other side
Yeah I've been to the other side
I was lost on the other side
But I'm back

I was caught in the clutches
Of the castle of Count Dracula
Woke up next morning
To a Sunday brunch spectacular
Immaculate dim sum
Went and I got some
Steak and eggs and made a stake
Out of a wooden spatula
I've been to Based Arrakis
Fremen sietch enterer
Trippin on that Based Spice
Call me Based God-Emperor
Strollin at the poles
buck-nekkid no fursuit
Don't even need a sweater motherfucker
Cuz I'm hirsute
I'm in pursuit
Of the perfect punchline
I'm hungry for your love
But I'm waitin in the lunchline
Memory's hazy
Ain't nobody been as far as this
But I think I saw Jay-Z
Rollin up in a pimped-out TARDIS

Doctor what?
Doctor Who?

I've been to the other side
Yeah I've been to the other side
I was lost on the other side
But I'm back

Met Bob Hope's ghost
That's wild
Met Dave Bowman
Star Child
He don't like poker
He play Go Fish
He don't like rap
Hootie and the Blowfish

I'll see you on the other side
Yeah I'll see you on the other side